Thursday, July 14, 2011


One day, one week,
a year perhaps...
is that all I need?

Even a second
a miracle can
bring forth
with a change
of heart,
my heart.

Give me now

with the fullness
of it's being.
Eyes opened
to the power
of it's might...
Today I change
what has been done,
changing the eyes
that saw all those wrongs.

I don't need tomorrows
when I have the silk
to braid today
what is there to be.
And I choose this second
what it's going to be
and just there...
by letting it go
let it be!

Today... is all I have,
would I want
something else?
Of all the time,
the seconds,
weeks or years,
give me today
only this instant
and I will inhabit it
with all my might
knowing in certainty
that it will be enough.

This ever present moment
will find me
shouting inside...
"I am eternal, I am,
I need nothing more!"


After reading,

"Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations."

-Faith Baldwin

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