Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here I am, yes
once more now...sitting
and aware of all
that is.
The ribbons that
relate, associate
connect me to the past
their pull no longer
by a decision to let
them walk.

Here I am, sitting, resting,
My back to the past,
no longer asking, expecting nor waiting
for nothing
whatever it was.

Do I rest?
Really rest?
The truth is
a longing...
Longing for what?


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Never enough...

" Today I understood,
yes ... finally understood
that no matter what I do
it will not be enough
for some or maybe
who cares now that
I finally understood.

Nothing will be enough
for those who see
what I don't see.
Because by not seeing
what I see
their eyes - their heart -
will remain close
to what matters for me
the most.

I can see why they
admire force so much.
But is it enough?
I can see why they search
so much for strength.
But will it last long?

I finally see... and by seeing
finally understand
that no matter how much I do
it will never be enough so...
from now on I'll walk my way
and do my thing,
follow the beat within
and walk my path.
Because no matter what...
for them - whoever 'them' will be-
it will never be enough.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

The same and... yet not the same

" I am the same

and yet...
not the same.
The old, the past
what was
has changed...
life and relations
have brought change,
but mostly
a new sense
of me."


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let them see my back...I'm moving on

Let them see my back...

I care not for what they say
for what they do...
It can't be worst
than what I can do.

"My back covered",
some one said.
Why is it that I feel - felt
so sad...
and also insecure?.
Some how I knew...
Oh, yes I knew.

Whom do I am call to trust?

None but myself.

Who can do for me?
Only one, and it is me.
And I am not alone...
have never been alone.

If there is something
that I have learned,
is to be true
to what I feel.
And truer to who I am.

Let them see my back
not because I am running.
Only because I keep walking
searching, looking, moving on.

My back is safe,
only safe
by the sacred winds,
the holy Ghost
and the loving care
of the Divine.


Sunday, July 22, 2007


" I am at my best

when I am myself. "


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Long time no see...

Long time no see
I am here, not gone
I am here
waiting to see...
What is to be,
what is to come
of all this life
around and within.
Without fear...
at last without fear.

There was a time
a moment in time,
when the doubts,
the questions
the darkness that came
for a time, yes only for a time
overwhelmed my soul.
For a moment I felt loose
for a moment I felt lost.
For a moment I felt...

Yet, no more.
The wound, the hurt,
the doubt...
all is falling in place.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Honesty ...

This... yes, this is who I am...

Woman, aged and happy.

Innocent and idealist,

yet, learning to see...

to see things as they are.

Angry, sad and mad...

perfectly mad now.

A few days...

forgetful, forgiving, in peace,

ready to start new once again.

This is who I am, yes...who I am

ready to change, grow and evolve

to see, see again things as they are.

Happy? Or sad? Even mad...

whatever it is...

one hundred percent

truly who I am.


Monday, April 09, 2007


One day, a day, or was it today,
She found herself asking
searching, looking
for what?
She couldn't find herself,
nothing made sense.

Was it the look she gave him/her?
The words she said?
Was it the unsaid words?
What she did or did not do?
Could it be one thing or many,
Or nothing at all?

Big avalanches, small ones...
Great earthquakes and also small.
Big causes?
Small ones?
Or nothing specific at all?
Why do they happen,
is there a definite cause?

Cause and effect,
karma or destiny
which one is it?
Is this important at all?
One word, one look, one action
or nothing at all?


(After reading Ubiquity, Why Catastrophes Happen...by Mark Buchanan. And , oh yes, after one more crisis.)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Heart function...Mind function...

Heart function...
mind function...
I am torn between
the two.
Which is it?
How much of it?
One or the other,
or maybe both?

In the middle
as an spectator,
one whispers and
the other too.
"It is this",
"No, it is that"
What is this I am
to do?

Days, weeks and months
and yet here... yes still here
the question prevails.

Heart function...mind function
a combination of both?


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Specious moment

" Don't talk,
can you hold
the tension?"
Little dragonfly
whispers in my ear.
"Just let go
and see
let go
and hear
suspended in
the sea.

What sea is this?
The Unknown, the Void,
The whole from
everything is.
In which
you need to stay

Still?... Quiet?...
In the middle
of what?
"A dynamic space
where what is,
no longer exist.
Only the tension
of the old dying
giving way
to the new."
And me in the middle
both still.

For how long?
Will this tension
the struggle...
The moment which is not
and yet is.
The always
and ceasing
to exist?

"Don't talk,
don't ask,
just wait.
Keep your ground
in the eternal "is".
Holding the tension
and let it all be.
In silence
in quiet,
not telling
not asking,
not knowing
just let it all be."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It is all for you...

My soul within
can't find the peace,
the trust I used to feel.
What is it?. Why is it?
I do not know.
Voices... confusion...
Can't they see?
Is not one or two
but all.

Do they know?
Do I know?...
This thing I want to do?
This path I want to walk?
This way I want to work?

Where have they lost themselves?
Or is it me the lost one?
My heart , a little voice inside
stills my mind and stills my heart.
"You are not lost,
it takes more time
for them to see
what you have seen."

The hurt remains,
and yet...
my soul quieter now,
get the sense
that all is well.
"A little time...
for now just let go
and let yourself
be renewed.
Is not for them,
this is all for you."