Saturday, January 31, 2009


enough time,
needed time,
great time,
abundant time.

This is what we need
to grow,
what we need to be.

What kind of time?
Time to enjoy...
time to play...
time to cherish...
all that there is.
Do we have this time?

Here in line,
I just said,
"I am changing,
learning, being...
Just happy
to be...


(While waiting in line at the bank)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Festina lente...

New cycle...
old path...
new ways..
and yet the same.

What was behind
caught with me
helping me see
what is to be.

Was I too quick? see
to do and work
with those with me?

And here again
new beings with me
will they want to go
as far-fast as me?.

And yet, new eyes
replace the old
'fast' and 'slow'
with new meanings
ways and forms.

Still fast...
and yet a new kind of 'fast',
'Still'... slow...
a new meaning for 'slow'.

The bench of which
new tools in hand
will make the path
and yet in calm.