Saturday, June 02, 2012

I will own my power ...

No more fear, no more doubts,
today myself and only myself I want
to be.
The struggle I leave behind,
 longing to be
 dwells no more in me,
"I am" and this truth
finally faces me.

Passive no more I need to be,
feeling guilty, ashamed and lacked.
The bellicose, contentious,
 aggressivenes of old ways
a space don't find,
the path of bitterness
fades away.

The clouts it's targets defines,
defying old doubts
contesting past thoughts,
"No more",
quietly I hear a sober voice inside.
"No more".

And tall I stand
abiding in this "I am"
without fear of someone else's thoughts,
validation or viewpoint.
Caring less and less
but of what I require
 to care more and more.
This "I" 
that I dearly hold. 


Saturday, March 03, 2012

Longings ...

A dream, a longing,
visited me last night,
in my old teacher,

My heart I poured,
my soul came out
revealing a yearning
very deep inside.

"Oh, I so much wish,
 so deeply desire,
to start again this life 
that breath in me".

He smiled,
an held my hand!