Friday, December 08, 2006

Once more...letting go

Thank you little dragonfly...
for letting me fly.
The heaviness of the flesh
made it a little hard.

Yet, the soul...
the spirit...
and the heart
gave me wings
to move around.

Could it have been faster?
"Of course", I say.
Could it have been stronger?
Your voice reminds me,
"Could" is not what is.
Why care?,
Just take delight
on what is
and nothing else.

There will be more
not just this one.
To play, to do, to show.
Let it be as it is.
Nothing more.
Enjoy today
and let it go.

always remember
to loosen the grip,
with open hands
for things
to come and go.
Release and let it go
yes...let it all go.

you gave me wings
to be...and yet not to be.
There will be more,
many and much
to be and again
to let it go.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Letting go...

Almost there,
getting there
the view
clearer now.
A breath,
a song
giving winds
to my soul.
All the illusions
the turmoil
the doubts
who cares?
"I do"...
It was just that
a dream
more like a
I think.

yet more importantly
this sense of being
to get there
still I don't know

That's exactly
the point.
To let go
just once more.
Is not the first self
I've had to let go.
It won't be the last
I hope.

Getting there
I'll know.
To once again
let it go...


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tough times...

Nowhere to go,
escape from myself.
Isn't that
foolish enough?
Desperate to find
a time for repose
just in quiet
and silence to be.

The struggle within
seems to never end
to prove...

to prove what...
is just that,
but insane.

It's all in my hands
in my mind
in my heart.
It's up to me
why don't I realize?
Yes, why?

No more fight,
no more stuggle
no more cares
no more thoughts.
Cause it is here
and I decide to let it go...
let it all go.

Do I surrender?
Certainly not.
But do a truce
I call myself forth?
To this I say "yes"
and take a rest
from the fight.
And laying
still all my minds.

A rest
my eyes closed
my head placed
in the well of the unknown.
No more knowing,
let just rest.
Perhaps it is time
to just let
everything go.

And by having nothing
more to hold on
the peace, the joy will
rush back as it was before.
Let me jump, step in
just throw
myself to the void
and find myself again
where it all begun.


Monday, October 23, 2006

What is it...?

What is it that I want to prove?
To myself... to whom?
Wasted time ... wasted life
What is it,
little dragonfly...what is it?
The breath, the strength...
the days and time that goes by.
I don't want them to just fade away
in the absurdity of what?
To fly like you
been just who you are.
Being and been compared
to what?.
Who is to say who am I?
Who is to say what I can?
Who is this self willing to die?.
Yet to live is even more hard
Lets call this self... Yes! ... I'll call this self.
I'll summon her and looking in her eyes
in a whisper will ask
"Why are you holding me down?,
Don't you see that I want to live and fly?"


Sunday, October 01, 2006


For the first time
in a long time
have come to me.
wishing them
not to be.
But they are
and here I am
what am I to do
to be?
A new phase
a stage
of what is
or has to be...
Will I be pushing
too hard?
Will I be fit?
What is it..
if it is?

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Friend or foe...
what is it that I see?
Tell me little dragonfly
what will it be?

"It is for you to decide...
It is for you to see.
Within you is the lock
within you is the key..."

What should I look for?
What should I seek?
It appears to be real
all that I see.

"You make it real...
don't you see?
It is a matter of choice,
not theirs but yours."

It is in my hands
yet, more in my mind
it's up to me dragonfly.

I choose...


Friday, June 02, 2006

Hanging down...

"I am who I am,
not afraid anymore
of what I feel or of what
I know.
not as much as before.
smaller, fainter,
even jokes!
Hanging down
from the tree,
trusting more
even me.
A long way, isn't it?
I myself ask myself.
A smile in my lips,
no words,
just a smile.
The answer is just this."

Friday, May 05, 2006

I've not forgotten...

Little dragonfly I have not forgotten you...
The work has been hard and silently inside.
New things are growing and becoming
for you, for me, for all to see...
How am I to share?
Is my question to the divine air.
When, will there be a time
for me to speak, to be, to share?
"It has been , it is , it will be ...",
I hear a quiet voice speaking to me.
"Let the process keep it's course
everything already is been done."

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Dear dragonfly hear me now...

I've heard that errors are but stepping stones

where our feet step and go.

Where to but, to beyond

the place our steps made us fall.

It hurts... it will pass.

Let me remember... not the pain.

Let me remember the love

that will help me correct my path.