Friday, December 08, 2006

Once more...letting go

Thank you little dragonfly...
for letting me fly.
The heaviness of the flesh
made it a little hard.

Yet, the soul...
the spirit...
and the heart
gave me wings
to move around.

Could it have been faster?
"Of course", I say.
Could it have been stronger?
Your voice reminds me,
"Could" is not what is.
Why care?,
Just take delight
on what is
and nothing else.

There will be more
not just this one.
To play, to do, to show.
Let it be as it is.
Nothing more.
Enjoy today
and let it go.

always remember
to loosen the grip,
with open hands
for things
to come and go.
Release and let it go
yes...let it all go.

you gave me wings
to be...and yet not to be.
There will be more,
many and much
to be and again
to let it go.