Saturday, April 14, 2007

Honesty ...

This... yes, this is who I am...

Woman, aged and happy.

Innocent and idealist,

yet, learning to see...

to see things as they are.

Angry, sad and mad...

perfectly mad now.

A few days...

forgetful, forgiving, in peace,

ready to start new once again.

This is who I am, yes...who I am

ready to change, grow and evolve

to see, see again things as they are.

Happy? Or sad? Even mad...

whatever it is...

one hundred percent

truly who I am.


Monday, April 09, 2007


One day, a day, or was it today,
She found herself asking
searching, looking
for what?
She couldn't find herself,
nothing made sense.

Was it the look she gave him/her?
The words she said?
Was it the unsaid words?
What she did or did not do?
Could it be one thing or many,
Or nothing at all?

Big avalanches, small ones...
Great earthquakes and also small.
Big causes?
Small ones?
Or nothing specific at all?
Why do they happen,
is there a definite cause?

Cause and effect,
karma or destiny
which one is it?
Is this important at all?
One word, one look, one action
or nothing at all?


(After reading Ubiquity, Why Catastrophes Mark Buchanan. And , oh yes, after one more crisis.)