Saturday, November 21, 2009


This feeling that assaults me

the tremor felt inside.
My mind appears to be in accord
with them,
can I stand...
and defend myself?

What is it...
why is it?

Lack of trust...?

Could "they" be...

Where's the lack...
the weakness...

the missing link?

many as "they" could be
"it's not in numbers
a voice seems to whisper

signaling to me one thing:
" There's no need
no need indeed...
for fear to creep in. "

"It's you that gives them power,
It's you that makes them strong.
They are just but what you make of them
And they are just but empty thoughts."


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fool

I am the Fool....
the fool I am
when I give heart
to what don't merit
don't deserve it
a tear
a thought
a feeling
not even a swat!

I am the Fool
the fool I am
when I think it's me
that it's all my fault
and don't see that it's
in their nature
and what "they" do
just show the who
and the what they are.

I am the Fool
the fool I'm not
Cause I see
I feel
I know
and keep walking
like the Fool I am.
The Fool... not fooled
by what they think
will hurt.
Because what doesn't kill me
just makes me strong.
And the Fool I am
just walk away
with all the riches
in my bag
of awe.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

"De sed muerta
te busqué,
papel y lápiz
Surcando el papel
en olas que
tormentas eran.

Y no se...
si la sed se mitigaba
o anegaban más mi ser.
De sed viva
surcando lo que
no es papel.
Me mira
y yo miro
a los ojos
de mi sed."


Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Guide....

A journey...
to a place not this.
I was not alone
he was with me.

To the left the sea
a gravel path on my feet.
As he walk in front of me
To slow down I asked
because of my knees.

To find what was lost
to help me out in the search.
To see what I could not see
with his tricks and his wits.

Then I observed
no luggage with me.
It was left behind
and got worry about that.

Hmmm, worried I was,
because of what I might need.
The thought stepped in,
"I can buy new stuff
new things for my needs".

And after a while
I thought within me
"the old must be left back
for the new to have place".

And I'll keep walking
along with my guide....
Once dark again come
in the middle of night.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Are you ready to fail,
to face failure in the face?
To start again and again
without losing yourself?

Are you ready to fail
by opening to new things
leave the safe zone of the known
to experience the unknown?

Are you ready
to courageously see
more than your
eyes meet?

Open yourself
to what is
and to what is
not yet seen?

Failure awaits you,
the target
will most likely elude you.
But once out of multiple times
the sprouting seed of so many failures
will tell you
"It was all
well worthwhile"....


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Take me to peace...

Take me to peace

the place I long...
it is my goal the home
I''ll hold.

Take my feet
over those stepping

A step here...
another there.
Some patience here,
a nice word there.

Never a fist
but straight forward talk
sincere felt words
from the heart and the soul.

Take me to peace
not just for me,
let us join hands,
and yet...
the first thought
the first walk
towards it
will be
my goal!


(after reading Getting to Peace)

Friday, March 27, 2009

The art of war....

What kind of war?
To be, to do ...
to become.
To make things
from the front,
from the shadow?
And yet...
all is done.

The warfare is...
or is not?
The deception
the illusion
the ghost of what
is or what is not.

What will I gain?
Nothing now.
What will I gain?
Everything, later.

The war is on
and ready, willing
to march on.

Without fight, without effort
in a war that is not.
There's no conflict and
and there's every conflict.
But no one knows.
The whole of it,
not just a part.
The whole
and nothing more.

Discipline, control,
wisdom and courage.
Sincerity, integrity
the virtues that
makes us whole.

when to fight or not
to fight,
accepting to deal with
whatever comes forth,
breathing the same pneuma
with my peers,
preparing myself and
watching the unprepared,
making us capable
and owners of our own

Because after all

the best general
is the one
who knows
not to fight.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Am I weak
because I lack
the strength of my
younger years?

Time's inexorable path,
my body has not escaped
it's touch.

Am I weak
because the fire
has transmuted into
a different kind
of fire?

A colder , quieter
where stillness is the
root, the origin,
the source?

The strength
has changed,
the power
still inside.
A new venue,
road and path
the time has come
to walk.

Am I weak
really weak?
Who is to say?
The strength is still


Monday, February 16, 2009


This I that I am
ask to be
ask to live.
This I that I am
won't apologize
for being.

Old paths
and ways of being
left behind
a trail
of tears.
"No more", I say
"no more..."

The right, the grace,
the will to be
is mine.
This grace not from peers
but from a higher,
and deeper place

The right to be
no one but me,
the right to feel
my own soul

This I decide,
I choose
and don't ask others
to let me be.


Saturday, January 31, 2009


enough time,
needed time,
great time,
abundant time.

This is what we need
to grow,
what we need to be.

What kind of time?
Time to enjoy...
time to play...
time to cherish...
all that there is.
Do we have this time?

Here in line,
I just said,
"I am changing,
learning, being...
Just happy
to be...


(While waiting in line at the bank)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Festina lente...

New cycle...
old path...
new ways..
and yet the same.

What was behind
caught with me
helping me see
what is to be.

Was I too quick? see
to do and work
with those with me?

And here again
new beings with me
will they want to go
as far-fast as me?.

And yet, new eyes
replace the old
'fast' and 'slow'
with new meanings
ways and forms.

Still fast...
and yet a new kind of 'fast',
'Still'... slow...
a new meaning for 'slow'.

The bench of which
new tools in hand
will make the path
and yet in calm.