Friday, March 27, 2009

The art of war....

What kind of war?
To be, to do ...
to become.
To make things
from the front,
from the shadow?
And yet...
all is done.

The warfare is...
or is not?
The deception
the illusion
the ghost of what
is or what is not.

What will I gain?
Nothing now.
What will I gain?
Everything, later.

The war is on
and ready, willing
to march on.

Without fight, without effort
in a war that is not.
There's no conflict and
and there's every conflict.
But no one knows.
The whole of it,
not just a part.
The whole
and nothing more.

Discipline, control,
wisdom and courage.
Sincerity, integrity
the virtues that
makes us whole.

when to fight or not
to fight,
accepting to deal with
whatever comes forth,
breathing the same pneuma
with my peers,
preparing myself and
watching the unprepared,
making us capable
and owners of our own

Because after all

the best general
is the one
who knows
not to fight.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Am I weak
because I lack
the strength of my
younger years?

Time's inexorable path,
my body has not escaped
it's touch.

Am I weak
because the fire
has transmuted into
a different kind
of fire?

A colder , quieter
where stillness is the
root, the origin,
the source?

The strength
has changed,
the power
still inside.
A new venue,
road and path
the time has come
to walk.

Am I weak
really weak?
Who is to say?
The strength is still