Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cronehood lesson ...#3

" The old doesn't go away...

you just learn

how to live with it."


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Open systems...

Open... to receive
and to change.
To interchange and grow.
To become...

Open... to what is
what is not
whatever it is.

Not closed,
which would mean
Static, unchanged
without movement.

Open to flow,
to dance, and to cry...
yes... no way around this.

Open and alive
to be
to laugh
to feel
and to give and receive.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Hang in there....

"Hang in there little, dear one...
don't fall just hang in there.

The fight is not over till is over...
and time will tell, only time.

Is not the big and strong
that gets to the end...
only the one staying put,
hanging strong.

Your heart, what hurts the most...
what may seem like a flaw.
Your heart will give you strength
will hold tight, not letting go.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cronehood lesson... #2

Not yet a crone...
but walking there.
Not yet,
though what is
only waits
to manifest.

And yet,
another step.
An understanding...
'learn to be
happy with less.'


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The hare...

" High above within the "castle"
a meeting, gathering of aiki souls
were well ahead.
Windows open
empty space
the danger of falling over
was all I felt.

"Close them was my thought",
as afraid I was from other "castles
early in my childhood dreams
was ever present and now again the fear is here.

Looking through the glass windows
or walls I do not know.
Dozed off... or wake up
and all of a sudden

I turned the party off.

All picked up,
the trash or residuals to the garbage gone.
A rabbit or hare, I do not know.
White fluffy fur
and long ears
in my arms I found.
What was she doing there

in this gathering of souls?
To take her home was my next concern
and off I go.

A house I found
or was I found
by her?
In I went to leave safe
the hare.
Surprised I was,
to see the owner
in an old friend's face.
A housewife,
with domestic garments
and hair fixed with paper rolls in her hair
not quite like her.

There I left the hare

to be cared and safe.

Out I went...

strange area, road or
country side.
My car and another car

trying to get out to the road outside.
Dirt and rocks,
steep areas and
some smooth
and some others not.

Round and round we went
not been able to get out.

And then, I woke up..."


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Once again,
at the top.
After a hard and long
climbing up.
I could go down
retracing my steps.
Redoing my choices
and second guessing

But what for,
since life will
take me up here
again and again
once more.

I've seen myself
here before.
I've found myself
up and alone.
Not once
not twice
I can't count how
many times.

But here I've been
more times
than I care to count.

And alone it must be
relying only on
what is inside of me.
The doubts,
the faith,
the trust
and the thoughts
of knowing
on what
I cannot see.

And yet,
knowing that
there is only
one thing.
Only one choice
and that is
to jump!


(After a dream last night...)

I flew and up I went
at the top of the pole
I found myself.
It was time
time to what?
To come down
to touch the ground.

I knew not how,
I was afraid.
To hurt myself
while coming down.
I tried, I wished
I braced myself.
And yet my heart
and body paralyzed.

Then one voice,
the one inviting me
to get down.
Flew up to me
to where I was.
"I'll help you out,
just hold my hand".
And we jumped!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The couldron...

" I ask why,
so many whys
and I can't answer.
I do not know why.

I only know
that I must bear
that I must hold
both the question
and the answer
not knowing how.

The opposites within
the paradox
the crux
just for a while...
sometimes a long,

a long
And then,
to let it go...."


Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Currents and undercurrents
when the windows are shut
the moon is out
and is me inside.

Flowing in all direction
it's levels up.
Flows all around me
and I in the middle of it all.

does it all mean?
What is it that
pushes to come forth?

After the moon shelves herself
the questions persists
and keep rushing forth...
is time now to make sense of it all.


Thursday, July 03, 2008


While staying still
I have started to understand.
To grasp
the why, the how
of what is for me to do
to be...

Confusion in the dark
of the night
assaulted me,
that old place
where doubt dwells
insinuated herself
once again to me.

Were my expectations
of what it should be?
The longing
of goals yet
to be reached?
Or could it be...
the goals in itself

The cause of the gloominess,
the sadness,
the recurring melancholy
known these days with
scientific names?
Covered and hidden away
as if by doing so
it will all disappear
and fade away?
Could the goals
provoke these...?

Still... what it will be?.
From a different vantage point
I'll try to see,
to find a new
viewpoint for it.
And yet,
I think, I know, I feel
what it is.


Friday, May 23, 2008

At the Edge....

" One step...
only one step
and everything changes.
Standing at the edge
of what is to what it
may become.

What is this "it"?
A he or she?
A place, an effort?
At the edge...
for a while,
as a sudden,
quiet stir
"it" comes to me.

And yet,
what edge is this?...

(will follow)


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dragon fly... totem bear...

"Dragon fly...

totem bear...
here I am
get me there."


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cronehood lesson... #1

" Getting to know

and getting to learn

what is for me

to learn and care."