Monday, October 23, 2006

What is it...?

What is it that I want to prove?
To myself... to whom?
Wasted time ... wasted life
What is it,
little dragonfly...what is it?
The breath, the strength...
the days and time that goes by.
I don't want them to just fade away
in the absurdity of what?
To fly like you
been just who you are.
Being and been compared
to what?.
Who is to say who am I?
Who is to say what I can?
Who is this self willing to die?.
Yet to live is even more hard
Lets call this self... Yes! ... I'll call this self.
I'll summon her and looking in her eyes
in a whisper will ask
"Why are you holding me down?,
Don't you see that I want to live and fly?"


Sunday, October 01, 2006


For the first time
in a long time
have come to me.
wishing them
not to be.
But they are
and here I am
what am I to do
to be?
A new phase
a stage
of what is
or has to be...
Will I be pushing
too hard?
Will I be fit?
What is it..
if it is?