Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let them see my back...I'm moving on

Let them see my back...

I care not for what they say
for what they do...
It can't be worst
than what I can do.

"My back covered",
some one said.
Why is it that I feel - felt
so sad...
and also insecure?.
Some how I knew...
Oh, yes I knew.

Whom do I am call to trust?

None but myself.

Who can do for me?
Only one, and it is me.
And I am not alone...
have never been alone.

If there is something
that I have learned,
is to be true
to what I feel.
And truer to who I am.

Let them see my back
not because I am running.
Only because I keep walking
searching, looking, moving on.

My back is safe,
only safe
by the sacred winds,
the holy Ghost
and the loving care
of the Divine.