Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is who I am....

As intense as my love is,
it's opposite habits in me.
I can't let myself be one
and don't let the other be.

It frightens me
well deep inside...

I know
it frightens you
to see this sight.

But what am I to do?
Deny one part to embrace it's
Accept one half
and reject the other side?
Don't you know, can't you see,
by doing this
I cease to exist?

There's no way
no path around,
no other way
but to see it through.

I'll embrace and
care and hold,
receiving as
a grace bestowed
the whole nature
of who lives in me
knowing that the one
without the other just
can't be.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Turn the page....

"Turn the page"...
I was told today.
"What was was,
there's no turning back."

Illusions, dreams, wishes
for things to be
and so many other things
stand looking to me.
But none of them were
none of them

"Look around,
just in front and here.
Here they are,
those who'll work with you.
Turn the page and you'll see,
a new chapter of
greater things to be."

"Turn the page",
once more the voice said.
"There's nothing,
no one waiting for you
back there."

"Like ghosts of and old house
wandering in pain,
carrying chains around their
necks and legs.
Let them go, cut them loose
and move over a new page.
Write a new story
of endless hope and joy."

"And don't bother to look back...
turn the page
and leave all that behind."

And... I
the only one that can
with decisive hand,
clear mind,
and free heart,
turned the page.