Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Guide....

A journey...
to a place not this.
I was not alone
he was with me.

To the left the sea
a gravel path on my feet.
As he walk in front of me
To slow down I asked
because of my knees.

To find what was lost
to help me out in the search.
To see what I could not see
with his tricks and his wits.

Then I observed
no luggage with me.
It was left behind
and got worry about that.

Hmmm, worried I was,
because of what I might need.
The thought stepped in,
"I can buy new stuff
new things for my needs".

And after a while
I thought within me
"the old must be left back
for the new to have place".

And I'll keep walking
along with my guide....
Once dark again come
in the middle of night.