Saturday, September 29, 2007

Never enough...

" Today I understood,
yes ... finally understood
that no matter what I do
it will not be enough
for some or maybe
who cares now that
I finally understood.

Nothing will be enough
for those who see
what I don't see.
Because by not seeing
what I see
their eyes - their heart -
will remain close
to what matters for me
the most.

I can see why they
admire force so much.
But is it enough?
I can see why they search
so much for strength.
But will it last long?

I finally see... and by seeing
finally understand
that no matter how much I do
it will never be enough so...
from now on I'll walk my way
and do my thing,
follow the beat within
and walk my path.
Because no matter what...
for them - whoever 'them' will be-
it will never be enough.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

The same and... yet not the same

" I am the same

and yet...
not the same.
The old, the past
what was
has changed...
life and relations
have brought change,
but mostly
a new sense
of me."