Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fool

I am the Fool....
the fool I am
when I give heart
to what don't merit
don't deserve it
a tear
a thought
a feeling
not even a swat!

I am the Fool
the fool I am
when I think it's me
that it's all my fault
and don't see that it's
in their nature
and what "they" do
just show the who
and the what they are.

I am the Fool
the fool I'm not
Cause I see
I feel
I know
and keep walking
like the Fool I am.
The Fool... not fooled
by what they think
will hurt.
Because what doesn't kill me
just makes me strong.
And the Fool I am
just walk away
with all the riches
in my bag
of awe.